Sophie Sheehan

Following initial research and exploration in the Garden Museum Project, Lambeth, Sophie wished to undertake a study of her own local area: Brighton. She wished to investigate how fluctuations in light, weather and seasons influenced the appearance of textures and colours on the seashore.

Further historical and visual research also stimulated interest in the relationship between natural phenomena and the man made aspects of Brighton seafront. Piers, sea-bound railways and bandstands have all been born and battered by Brighton’s coastal location. Similarly, groynes, promenades, undercliff walkways and railings constantly try to shape the seafront and curb the effects of erosion, degradation and corrosion.

Inspired by Turner, the Impressionists, Matisse and Nina Murdoch, Sophie’s piece for the end of year exhibition is an exploration of change and transformation: to physical characteristics of Brighton seafront and to colours and textures.
Tidal Tales
Tidal Tales is a leaded panel of fused glass, incorporating plaster impressions, inclusions, and frits.
Tidal Tales (details)
Tidal Tales detail Tidal Tales detail
A close-up of the eroding cliff: foil inclusions and frits.
A close-up of pebbles: impressions and crushed stringers.
Eroding Cliff Amber and Purple Pebbles
Technical Experiments
unnamed Study Low Tide
trying different impressions
glass fused with plaster impressions and sand-blasted