Maria Beddoes

Originally Maria trained and worked in fashion and textiles design. Using colour and light combined with graphic forms has led to investigating glass, and the inherent seductive textures and light distorting qualities of the medium. Creating a dialogue between glass, pattern and fabric, Maria references handmade textiles and their cultural significance. The current body of work explores ideas of portraiture, in a non-figurative way, exploring personal history and how it reveals and conceals itself over time, always leaving a trace and an influence, but it is not absolute, it evolves and contorts, and reconfigures to tell new stories. Lace is used as a framing device, as it can have ambiguous and multiple meanings. Lace curtain contextualizes small glimpses of ordinary lives, holding clues that can imply a domestic narrative. Lives are traced by rites of passage, birth, death and marriage, and the smaller ceremonies, such as afternoon tea, seen through a veil of lace, complete pictures lost to time, four portraits are represented through a personal phrase that typifies their character, and a significant turning point in each life: four monumental moments.

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