Linda Baines

Heaven to Earth
I combine part time work as a health professional with commissioned work in glass. I enjoy the challenge of creating artwork in response to the dynamics of a specific site and in conversation with those who will use it.
This window was commissioned by a UK-based charity and designed for a Hospice/Day Centre in Romania. Because most of the families who use the Centre are Orthodox Christians, the imagery is taken from the last chapters of the Bible and point to the hope of a future free from pain and sorrow. The charity staff also hope to bring a little of heaven to earth in the way they care for the terminally-ill children and their families.

Heaven to Earth
"I will be going back to Romania to install the window this autumn. This is an image of what it will look like in situ.
Each piece in the panel is made of fused glass and the uneven surface will capture the light to make the whole window sparkle with life.
I hope that the children will enjoy finding the birds and animals throughout the work.