Jenny Sharp

Jenny has been concentrating on developing her tree work this year at Central Saint Martins. She has always taken her inspiration from nature and some of her first commissions were based on trees and flowers. Jenny enjoys researching, gathering information and specimens that help her in the design aspect of her artwork.


This complex piece is Jenny’s main submission for the end of year assessment at Central Saint Martins.
The background blue Spectrum glass has a screen-printed scene of mountains and the sea.
The line of trees layer has been hand painted.
The first layer is a village scene of houses and trees. The glass has been painted, silver stained and etched. The individual trees were ground and fire polished. All the individual elements were then copper foiled together.
The tree at the front is made of float glass with enamels, slumped and copper foiled.
The flowers were cast and the leaves slumped.
All fixed in a pine frame 64 x 58 x 9 cm with strip LED lighting.
Jenny is going to develop this idea by making smaller pieces in light boxes.
Arboretum (detail)

Arboretum detail
Silver Birch Panels

Two panels for an internal door both measuring 23 x 90 cm. The trunk has been slumped (shaped) by carefully cutting the chosen glass to fit over a mould. The glass is then put in the kiln and heated so that it softens just enough to take the desired form. The pieces were then painted and re-fired at a lower temperature. Both lead and copper foil were used to assemble the pieces within a lead frame ready for installation. The background and leaves are Lamberts antique mouth blown glass. The trunk is white flashed glass.
Silver Birch Panels (detail)

Silverbirch detail
Xmas Tree Trees

These little Christmas tree decorations are all individually made, drilled and ready to hang from ribbon. They measure approximately 7 cm wide by 10 cm tall. As they are hand made they are all unique. Orders taken for different colour ways.
Nash Trees

Copper foiled panel 40 cm square.
This was made in response to the Paul Nash Exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery.
The trunks have been painted on both sides so it can be viewed from either aspect.
Nash Trees