Emma Rawson

The Search for Truth
With this years work I have been exploring issues relating to my role over last two years as a carer. Using book titles found in the family house and book related forms I have begun to consider a few questions relating to my mothers long and commited search for knowledge and for proof of an afterlife. The things we become attached to, keep and collect say a lot about us and the books we read reveal our interests and our quest for knowledge and security. With the panels I simply wanted to pause and capture aspects of the prescious time spent with loved ones. With the books there is an element of doubt, there is no proof within the objects, can actual proof exist? I used the sequence of book titles as I found them on the shelves in the house to express some of these hopes and doubts.

The Search for Proof

The Search for Proof
The Search for Proof The Search for Proof
Book of Pills Letters
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