Charlotte Morrison

Inspired by the use of glass ceramics in surgery and the reconstruction of bone structures, Charlotte’s work plays on the idea of “personalizing” internal body parts. Ceramics and glass is used in the construction of cast bones. Some are in their broken form in need of repair – others made personal and unique to the individual through colouring. Alongside the cast glass, hanging pieces show a display of x-ray “plates” of the same bones. These are constructed from photographs and made to inform and intrigue. They are based on the idea that medical imagery simultaneously has a base in both representation and abstraction of the body.
Tidal Tales
"Reconstructed" - samples of work from the collection.
glass box 010a glass box 003a glass box 006a
"X-Rays; Series l-lV" - close up of some of the images in series.
final experimentation 011a promotional 016a promotional 015a